The Shop

Hey! This is where you learn a little about the person that puts this stuff in your mailbox.

My name is David. I'm an Army Veteran, with an extremely diversified experience in what I have done, from phase to phase, to this point in my life. I'm super-proud to have a veteran-owned business of my own!

My interest in woodworking is closely tied to the fact that, due to the military and other factors, I moved 10 times in the course of 8 years as a young adult. I learned that small objects, both full of personal meaning and able to serve in daily functions, were able to provide that sense of home and belonging that I had lost when I was not able to put down roots for quite some time.

My items at Halcyon Woodcrafts are designed to be objects that help you function every day, and enable you to share your personality and brag on yourself a little.